Five Simple Rules for Choosing a Vacation Rental
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Five Simple Rules for Choosing a Vacation Rental

Added: Feb 01, 2017
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Getting the right Vacation rental in Orlando can be tricky, since the best ones do get snapped up quickly. Nevertheless, you deserve a luxurious time on your holiday. So to help, our pros at Blue Travel will provide you with some useful tips on how you can choose the best vacation rentals for your days.

Steps to Choosing a Vacation Rental:

1. Read the Reviews

Reviews are very useful if you keep an objective eye when reading them. Most tenants do choose to talk about the positives rather than the negatives and assist other potential tenants by posting photographs of the property as well. And by choosing to read the reviews, you not only get an insight look as to the condition of the rental but you also get to spy whether the place offers any amenities, big or small.

2. Google Earth is Your Friend

When choosing a vacation rental, log onto Google Earth and use it as a tool to survey the surrounding area. The home in the pictures may still be same as you see on Google Earth, but these pictures do not show much of the environment around them. You don’t want to end up living next to a kennel or nightclub, so use this trick to check for any annoyances around the neighborhood.

3. Pay attention to the Listing Photos and Amenities

Pictures can deceive -when looking at the listing photos, pay close attention to the smaller details. Does the bed have extra pillows? Is the kitchen fully stocked? Does the ceiling look a bit mildew-y to you?

Also, don’t just glance through the amenities list without a thought. That list can give you a really good idea about what you are being offered, and what you need to bring. You don’t want to end up coming to a home that has no hairdryer or iron simply because you didn’t read the inscription.

4. Check Public Transportation

Many rental listings don’t specify exactly how far public transportation may be. Although you won’t have that problem here at Blue Travel since we display the location with markers accordingly, each detailing different spots for public transportation, markets and more. You can also use Google Maps or your own map
application to note down the nearest public transportation stops.

5. Stay Connected

When choosing a vacation rental, stay connected with the representative or your agent so that you can talk to them about any requests or concerns you may have. This is especially important if you book the vacation home months before you use it, since weather elements and maintenance might affect the overall condition of the house. And if such a thing happens, you shouldn’t find out about it after you’ve driven all the way to your destination.

Orlando offers many vacation home rental opportunities for all who are coming out to Orange County for a time of fun and frivolity. Contact us and use our wisdom to find the best vacation homes that money can buy.


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