Introducing The 3 Best Attractions At Universal Studios, Orlando
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Introducing The 3 Best Attractions At Universal Studios, Orlando

Added: Jan 16, 2017
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No vacation to Walt Disney World is complete without taking a trip to Orlando’s Universal Studios. While both parks are completely different, both offer the best themed rides, awesome attractions and entertaining shows.

In fact, Universal Studios is another themed park besides Magic Kingdom where visitors don’t mind the long lines.

To save time and give relief to your wallet, visitors should purchase a multi-day pass to Universal Studios as that will ensure them 2 days to see everything there’s to see.

Note: The following attractions are termed as the best, but least known.   

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man

Location: Marvel Super Hero
Island at
of Adventure

Attraction Type: 3D and 4D Virtual Reality Ride

First debuting in 1999, this attraction made use of then revolutionary
technology that helped to blur the line between reality and virtual. Now this
amazing and astonishing hybrid attraction makes use of ride-film style 3D
projected scenes in a high-definition 4D movie element and other high tech
mechanisms that take passengers into Marvel’s comic book world.   

Jurassic Park River Adventure

Location: Islands of Adventure

Attraction Type: Water Ride

Let’s cut right to the chase: Jurassic Park River Adventure is one epic
water ride! Plus the one in Florida is even better since people don’t mind
walking around semi-wet due to the warmer climate. The ride shares a similar
storyline to the movie which guarantees spectacular entertainment and chills
like never before.

With the same fantastic soundtrack booming around, 20 people seated on a
boat pass by dinosaurs (some of which spit water!) and enter the dangerous
raptor enclosure. The best part of this awesome water ride? You get to scream
throughout the incredible downhill splash!

Revenge of the Mummy

Location: Universal Studios Florida

Attraction Type: Roller Coaster Ride

This ride is for all those who don’t scare easy therefore skip it if you
or anyone in the group has a weak heart (or is a kid). Revenge of the Mummy is
considered Universal’s best work to date (after Diagon Alley) and we can see
why. As the name suggests, this high-speed roller coaster ride has a very scary
mummy theme which will put the scariest haunted house to shame.

Note: This indoor roller coaster ride is very dark; therefore, people can have some trouble adjusting their eyesight.

Visiting Orlando on business but also want to make time for
Get tickets at discounted
to Universal Studios as well as other attractions in Orlando!



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