Renting A Vacation Home For The First Time Made Easy!
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Renting A Vacation Home For The First Time Made Easy!

Added: Mar 13, 2017
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Renting a vacation home in Orlando, especially for the first time can become a stressful experience for visitors and tourists looking to escape the routine life. It’s okay to be apprehensive, as in many cases people have little to no idea what to expect or how to actually go about planning this.

Should you bring in sheets? Will the home provide kitchen utensils and appliances to help cook meals with?  To alleviate any worry, you can visit our FAQs page and get to know more about the property. As for renting an Orlando vacation home for the first time, following are 4 key points to remember;

1 - Start Planning Early

A good idea is to book a vacation home near Disney in advance to your trip. For example, if you’re planning to visit Disney World in the kids’ summer vacation, start to look for ideal vacations homes a month ahead and reserve the property as well.  

2. Stay Away from Scams

With so many sites and operators making offers on deals that seem too good to be true, finding a reliable vacation home realtor isn’t very easy. As a precaution, stay away from properties that are listed on Craigslist as the site is a feeding ground for scammers looking to make a quick buck.

Instead rent a vacation home in Orlando directly from a known realtor’s website or its known affiliation, such as our company, which comes under the Vitoria Realty Group. Also, don’t forget to check the property on Google Maps to confirm its location.  

3. Don't Pack Everything but the Kitchen Sink

A sensible move is to take a look at what the vacation rental is offering in terms of amenities and services before shoving half the contents of your home into your car. Most vacation home rentals in Orlando come fully
equipped with kitchen appliances, utensils, serve ware and basic cleaning supplies but calling the management is a good idea.

4. Take Advantage of All the Amenities of Home

Do you hate waking up at 6:00 a.m. just to reserve a chair at the pool? You can rent vacation homes that offer such amenities exclusively as opposed to the entire community. Moreover, you can also filter vacation homes by the desired features such as a heated pool, a grill, flat screens or even a movie theatre!

Is there anything more you’d like to know before renting your first
vacation home in Orlando?
Contact us today. 





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