4 Ways you can actually save money on your trip
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4 Ways you can actually save money on your trip

Added: Mar 01, 2017
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Your much-awaited Disney trip to Florida does not have to cause a hit to your vacation budget. In fact, you just might be able to spare some extra cash if you play smart and plan smarter. There are many ways that you can make your Disney vacation rock – and here are some ways to save money while you are at it:

1. Stay at a Vacation Home Close to Disney
Regardless of whether you’re traveling to the sunny state with family, friends or on a business trip, it is far cheaper to live in a
vacation home than a hotel. For one, you gain access to many more amenities in form of space and quality of living than you would in case of a hotel. Secondly, they offer more privacy. Furthermore, by choosing a villa
close to Disney, you get to save time and money during travel to and back to the destination.

2.  Pack up your own Food

If you’re planning on eating at the theme park itself, get ready to shell out some serious cash – especially if you’re traveling
in a pack. Most  people are aware that the food and beverages at Disney venues are  slightly overpriced. While a $3 on a bottle of water seems reasonable, purchasing about 10 bottles for your family – in the warm Florida weather – will surely add
up. Then there’s the food. Before you know it, you’ve spend roughly around $500 - $700 already – and that’s just day one.

This is why it is imperative that you bring your own food and drinks to the park. You are allowed to do so, so long as you don’t get hard coolers or alcohol.

3. Know your Disney Ticket Options   
So, here’s THE BIGGEST mistake that most Disney vacationers make when they visit the happiest place on Earth: they come without tickets, expecting to purchase it on the day of their visit. This is the place where the tickets cost the most. It is also where you’ll be waiting in long queues. So, instead, make sure you grab the tickets well in advance, at the time of your vacation planning.

Walt Disney theme parks offer numerous benefits and discounts on their tickets. Most people are not even aware of this, ending up paying more than they should. One ticket option is the Annual Pass cards. Another option is a Park hopper Pass that is valuable if you plan on visiting multiple parks on the same day.

4. Take a Bus Ride – Skip on the rental 
Every Disney park – that’s the Magic Kingdom, MSM and Epcot –  has a parking fee. So if you’re planning to visit each destination, you’re  looking to spend roughly around $60 That’s a lot of money just for parking. Avoid the rental vehicle. Instead, take a bus ride or cab. That’s just some ways that you can save up on your trip! To ensure that your Disney trip is more fun and exciting, choose from Blue Travel’s Orlando vacation homes near Disney and take a look at some of Disney’s Best Kept Secrets Revealed!




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