A Parent’s Guide to Traveling with a Child with Disabilities for Luxury Vacation
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A Parent’s Guide to Traveling with a Child with Disabilities

Added: Oct 18, 2019
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Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Being a special needs parent is even tougher.

Any parent, special needs or otherwise, wants the world for their kid. They want them to lead healthy, happy lives. Unfortunately though, the world is neither kind nor considerate to those who are differently abled than most, or have special needs in comparison to others.  

Thankfully due to community support, medical advancements, some practice, and parents’ dedication, a lot of special needs kids are able to lead full lives. There are accommodations, aids and even helpers to get you through things, and get your child to the point of independence.

Some things however, are not as easy as others. Traveling is one of those experiences that require you to be vigilant and prepare thoroughly. But just because it’s difficult or perhaps needs a bit more effort doesn’t mean you can’t travel as a family.   

Traveling as a Special Needs Family

So you’ve decided on where you’re going, who’s going with you—whether it’s just the family or perhaps some friends are tagging along—and when you’ll go. Now it comes down to the logistics of how you’ll get there safely.

Travel and Transport

With a special needs child, it’s less about what’s convenient and quick and more about the comfort and safety of your child.

Before, you could have taken a 3-day road trip; but a 3-hour flight, though more costly, is going to be a lot better.

Inform your airline of your circumstances. Request special access for wheelchairs and wheelchair accommodation; book seats toward the front of the plane so that you have quicker access to the lavatory as well as the exit.


Depending on where you’re headed, accommodation such as hotels can be quite expensive and inconvenient. Space is very important for special needs families, to be comfortable and to move around with ease.

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If you’re headed to Orlando, FL—the theme park capital of the world and every kid’s dream come true—Blue Travel offers some incredible vacation home rentals where you can stay comfortably during your trip.

With amenities such as swimming pools, kitchens, home theaters and more, you can find the perfect luxury vacation rental, that’s also bang on the buck. Make sure to find out about elevators, wheelchair ramps, etc., before booking! You can contact us here.


Focus on the essentials. Medication—both precautionary and prescription medications—as well as items they will need for comfort and security.

This includes wheelchairs, inhalers, noise-canceling headphones if your child gets startled easily, and any item such as a toy or blanket that helps keep them calm.

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It’s a little different traveling as a special needs family, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. We understand that. Plan ahead of time and decide where you’re going and what you’ll do there, so you’re as prepared as can be.

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